Welcome to the goose hunting season of 2015 at Gåsriket.

We have vast areas of land that is adjacent to Tåkern / Vättern. This is one of the largest bird lakes in sweden, and is well known for its large amounts of geese during the fall.

We also offer rich hunting areas near Lake Roxen.

The hunt is conducted in groups, using decoys to attract geese looking for feeding grounds, in the morning and afternoon.

You and your group hunt on your own after being instructed by one of our hunting guides. It is also possible to get assistance from a experienced hunter who will help you to attract the geese, for better results. During the hunt, our guides will give you different hunting areas from day to day, so that you get the best experience from your stay here with us.

If you do not have your own dog, we can offer help with capable dogs that will take care of tracking down shot and wounded geese.

Below you can see a picture of one of our guides in one of the blinds we use.

Our hunting package costs 2000 SEK / day / hunter, incl. VAT. The package includes all equipment, such as decoys and blinds. We will accompany you to the hunting area and help you get started, then it´s time to start hunting on your own.

It is your responsibility to transport all your equipment to the fields, and to return it before your departure. Assistance with transportation of your equipment is available for a fee.

If you want to change hunting area during the day, you will have to pack your equipment yourself.

We have a limited amount of shoot geese to 20/person. If more geese is shoot, we charge 200 SEK /ea.

All geese that is shot must be slaughtered and processed by the hunters. We can assist you with this for a reasonable fee. We can also arrange with freezing if needed.

During the season, we have several groups hunting at the same time, but you will never be disrupted by each other, sense our hunting areas are large. We never guarantee a certain number of geese. It is hunting on nature's own terms and it is partly yourselves that create your own success. by hiding properly and by attracting the geese to a lower altitude for good and clean shots.


If you desire, we can arrange transfer from

Naturally, we can pick you up at the airport in Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN),

Göteborg-Landvetter (GOT), Stockholm-Skavsta (NYO), Linköping City Airport (LPI)

The nearest airport is Linköping.


Accommodation is available in different options, ranging from simple self-catering cottages, camping, B&Bs to hotels with high standards.

Everything close to Vadstena. The price ranges from about 350 SEK.

If you wish, we can arrange with your accommodation after your preferenses.


Below you can see Luckerstads Gästhus B&B

Welcome to a hunting and nature experience out of the ordinary,

that's a promise!

Best wishes and happy hunting from us at Gåsriket.

Magnus, Carl-Arne, Erik

Gåsriket AB


Price List 2015

Hunting 2000 SEK /person

Transport in the area 50 SEK / 10 km

Transfer Stockholm / Gothenburg 3500 kr

Transfer Linkoping 1500

Transfer Skavsta SEK 2000

Guide 350 SEK/h

Ammunition SEK 8 pcs

Accommodation from 350 SEK / person / night

Hotels from 1600 SEK person / night

Local hunting permits 500 SEK

Administration for own weapon permits 1500 SEK

Rent of guns 600 SEK/day